Alamo Drafthouse Cinema - The Owen Group
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Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Case Study


Triple Tap Ventures had bought the franchise rights to open up an Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Lubbock. TTV operates out of Houston, and were unfamiliar with the Lubbock market. They needed an agency that knew the right people to target, with the right messages, to help spread the word about the new theater coming to town.

By the Numbers


thousand dollars in earned media generated around Alamo's grand opening


news stories from October to April, Foundation Celebration to Grand Opening

Initial Work

Our first order of business was to hold a groundbreaking ceremony. We wanted to be sure not to have the traditional, important-city-member-hitting-shovel-in-ground type event. So we set to work on cultivating the perfect “Foundation Celebration.” We had concrete slabs for influential members of our community to put their hands in, as well as sign their names. We also had a community slab where anyone attending the event could sign their name. These slabs were later incorporated into a stone garden near the entrance of the theater. For refreshments, we had popcorn and beer from a local brewery that the theater would go on to carry in their bar.

Grand Opening

By the time the theater opened, we had gained coverage from every major news outlet in the city. We hosted a VIP soft opening, where we coordinated with the theater to show guests all aspects of the Alamo experience—from the unique sing-alongs and quote-alongs, all the way up to what goes on in the projection room.


We continue to coordinate marketing events and public relations efforts for the Lubbock location. We work with Triple Tap Venture’s marketing director to put together a yearly plan to keep the Alamo brand in the forefront of moviegoers’ minds when they are picking where to see their next flick. We also put focus on surrounding communities and those who come to Lubbock to shop on weekends. We have developed relationships with area newspapers and keep them in the loop on any major announcements or special events going on at the theater. We continually use Alamo Lubbock’s huge social media following to publicize the next big movie or quote-along.

Engaging Alamo’s Audience

Overnight, the page likes soared to over 7,000. We met the 10,000 mark by the end of that week. Today, the page hovers around 40,000 likes.

Social Media Success

Triple Tap Ventures tasked us with generating at least 10,000 Facebook likes on the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lubbock page before the theater opened in April of 2014. We more than met their request. In December of 2013, we partnered up with the South Plains Food Bank’s annual U Can Share Food Drive. We went on air on KCBD’s 10pm news to broadcast our promotion: For every like we received on Facebook that night, we would donate $1 to the food drive. Overnight, the page likes soared to over 7,000. We met the 10,000 mark by the end of that week. Today, the page hovers around 40,000 likes.