Lubbock Cultural District

The Client

The Lubbock Cultural District is where art and West Texas meet. Spanning over 1.42 square miles, Lubbock’s Cultural District gives West Texans the chance to experience culture and art in an authentic way. The Lubbock Cultural District is the home to numerous facilities, all of which encourage the use of arts, culture and entertainment. The cultural district is a relatively new concept in Lubbock; the City of Lubbock officially declared a defined geographic area as the Lubbock Cultural District in 2016. We were brought in to assist with branding, to develop a digital marketing plan and to create campaigns for the purposes of increasing awareness.

The Work

Campaign Development


Digital Media Marketing

The Main Goal

A new website would be the epicenter of our digital campaigns and would provide crucial data to measure success. The site’s main goal would be to provide Lubbock Cultural District visitors with important information about the venues and current events with a simple and easy-to-use format.

A New Website

Our redesign of the Lubbock Cultural District website – – focused on being mobile-friendly. From the beginning, the redesign focused on creating an experience that works best when viewed on any device or screen size.

Our analytics from the previous year show that the site exceeded 20,000 page views since the launch in January 2017 with 49.75% coming from mobile devices.

Client website mock iMac iPhone - Lubbock Arts Festival

A Better Mobile Strategy

  • Mobile

  • Desktop

  • Tablet

Don’t Let Them Forget

With the updated look for the Lubbock Cultural District, we’ve also updated the format of the weekly newsletter. The newsletter is distributed the over 1,700 subscribers who have specifically expressed interest in the events happening throughout the district. The newsletter is sent each Thursday and lists all events happening throughout the Lubbock Cultural District for the upcoming weekend and following week. All events link to the individual event on


newsletter subscribers


percent open rate

Campaign Development

The next campaign focused on the District’s largest event of the year, the Lubbock Arts Festival. The Lubbock Arts Festival is a celebration of visual, performing and children’s art with around 150 artists attending. With the festival being in its 39th year, our campaign focus was on attracting new guests as well as informing previous attendees of the featured artists, attractions and most importantly, dates and times.


percent rise in attendance

The campaign creative consisted of driving event responses to the Facebook Event. We also created a video highlighting the events and information about the Arts Festival that was used for both television as well as video pre-roll on YouTube and Facebook. The Facebook Event drove 462 event responses of “I’m Attending” with a reach of more than 30,000 people. Other Facebook advertisements focused on artists and events and were set to drive post engagement of likes and comments.  Attendance at the Lubbock Arts Festival was up 20% compared to previous years. Also, of attendees surveyed at the door upon entrance, 48% heard about the festival from “Online/Social,” which is up 3x from the year prior.