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The Client

Lubbock National Bank has been a proud part of Texas banking since the early 1900s, in times of war and economic hardship, as well as prosperity and abundance. Lubbock National Bank believes to have always provided their customers a trusted place to manage and grow their hard-earned money. This account is unique due to the difference in the names of the branches. While Lubbock National Bank serves Lubbock, its counterpart in Bryan/College Station, Austin and Fort Worth is known as Commerce National Bank.

The Work

Campaign Development

Digital Marketing & Media Buying

Brand Awareness


Our challenge in these other markets is the bank does not enjoy the same longtime name awareness it has here in Lubbock. When we are creating a campaign, we have to make sure it fits the personalities of all markets it will run across. We also have to be sure and educate the public that these banks are one in the same.

100 Years Committed to Your Success

For the first few years of our partnership with LNB/CNB, we mainly utilized traditional media strategies to advertise new features the bank offered. As the industry changes, we have changed with it to be sure and incorporate digital strategies to form an even more cohesive, 360-degree campaign. We have taken it on as our job to be sure the bank and its branches stay current in this new digital age.



We took Lubbock National Bank from ranking 13th to 4th among local banks in Facebook likes.


Social Media Success

In June 2015, we turned our focus on increasing the number of likes on the Lubbock National Bank Facebook page. After some research, we discovered that LNB was 13th in the market on page likes, as compared to other local banks. We launched various contests, targeted postings and other highly shareable content to bring them up to fourth in the market – after just seven months. CNB’s page in Bryan/College Station currently sits at first in their market.


Facebook likes from June 2015 to November 2016

Project: Adventure Club

Recently, we were also tasked with drumming up excitement for Lubbock National Bank’s new travel club. An invitation designed with class and a touch of wilderness charm was in order. As a result of this beautiful piece, LNB signed up over double the expected turnout.

Campaign: Perks!

So many perks, in so many places! This catchy jingle has graced the screens of Lubbock and Bryan/College Station residents in the form of our newest campaign for the bank’s Perks! Checking Account. We have created a catchy, memorable campaign to showcase the “perks” that come when you open up a checking account at LNB/CNB. In addition to the television campaign, we have a full wrap on a Citibus bus that runs on various routes throughout Lubbock. We also promote the account through digital banner ads that are specifically targeted to people browsing the internet, based on demographic and location information. We also utilize advertising page splashes on the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal iPad app, the Eagle mobile app in Bryan/College Station and various digital billboards that are located in highly trafficked areas. Lobby posters and wall graphics in the bank, as well as sales brochures, also accompany this campaign.

Perks! LNB bus

site visits to the Perks! landing page since campaign debut

Perks! CNB poster

Campaign: Appmazing

The announcement of Lubbock National Bank’s app was first launched in 2010. By 2014, the app had many more features, and was finally exactly what the bank intended it to be – competitive with any national bank’s app. In order to spread the word, we developed a series of commercials that were first introduced with individual “teaser” spots. The teasers were designed to be the first 15 seconds of the commercial, with an ending that lead you to a landing page counting down to the date of the launch. The intention was to create buzz in the market – what were these commercials counting down to? How would they end? On the launch date, we began to run the full 30 seconds. Each commercial highlighted a different feature of the new LNB/CNB mobile app.

Lubbock National Bank appmazing ad