Ventura Homes - The Owen Group
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Ventura Homes

Ventura Homes logo

The Client

Ventura Homes has brought more functional and unique designs to Lubbock. Each of their homes has a unique design and its own appeal for the homeowner. Due to the fact that there is a multitude of homebuilders throughout Lubbock, it was our task increase the online visibility and presence of Ventura Homes in this growing digital age.

The Work

Web Design

SEO & Social Media Management



Ventura Homes' previous website was totally unranked on Google. Now, they're #2.

A New Look

One thing we strived to accomplish with the redesign of Ventura Homes’ website was usability. When you visit the homebuilder’s website, we wanted users to have an experience and be able to interact with the many homes and properties on the website for display. After all, what’s better than selling someone on a home before they even see it for themselves in person?

Client Website mock iMac, iPhone - Ventura Homes